Yawsa !


I love music and so do you !


Worship and or music entertainment


His father the late Teddy Randazzo wrote songs like “Goin out of my head” , “Hurt so bad” , “Gonna take a miracle” and Teddy covers some of these on solo acoustic guitar , a unique style .

He is the president of a company named “www.dazzopickups.com “ and manufactures pickups for musical instruments .

Working technical audio with Leo Kottke to improve Leo’s pickup

Teddy is a great mechanic and a worship leader in gospel genres . Opened for : Muriel Andersen ,Micheal Manring , The Imperials .

You will love his music which is inspired by Victor Wooten , Neil Young , Beatles , Michael Hedges , Basic R&B Soul .

He is playing Harp guitar these days !


Welcome to my world

The late ‘Vanity’ Denise Williams

Dad with Bobby Darin

Leo Kottke

Mike Roe 77s

Dad w/ Eddie Fisher

Thomas Leeb / Dazzo pickups

Anthony & The Imperials 2009

1st album release “Anomally” 2004